In today's digital age, we want to make every working day in the pharmaceutical industry interesting, enable connections, dynamic communication, and easier access to information.

We are proud to present a modern, attractive mobile application that every pharmacist will find easy to use - MyPharmaSpace

As Pioneers we’ve set off on the creation of new communication trends in the pharmaceutical industry and developed a new, innovative B2B platform, thus making a contribution to our pharmaceutical community.


Communicate, comment, ask, share.

Download, keep up with trends, and join your colleagues on the biggest pharmaceutical platform.


Because we believe we can improve communication within our pharmaceutical community.

By offering you a central place to communicate, connect with your colleagues, exchange opinions, comment on current topics, and have fun - all in one place, in one mobile app.


Our innovative platform is intended for all employees in the pharmaceutical industry.

The platform offers entertaining content and current affairs in the local and international pharmaceutical world. Keep up with current events and stay in touch with the pharmaceutical community as support to your everyday work.

Inspire yourself daily

Stay up to date

Follow all current topics, news and events in one place. Quickly and easily find out about novelties from the pharmaceutical world.

Connect with colleagues

Leave comment

Find our communication platform and exchange views with colleagues within the pharmaceutical community. You can like, share via email or save the content.

Make work fun

Find colleagues

Use a simple search engine to find colleagues and improve communication within the pharmaceutical community.

Let your voice be heard too

Have fun

Surf through various sections of The Reading Room, find current topics and fun content.

Download online and join the community

Download the application

Download the free MyPharmaSpace app on your smartphone and become part of online pharma community. Let's be innovative together.